What We Offer:

What We Offer:

What We Offer:

Here at Invictus Roofing we specialise in services ranging from: Single Ply, Bituminous Felt, Liquid Waterproofing, Green Roofing and Hot Melt.

Working closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to provide the best roofing solution with expert knowledge and support for your projects needs and requirements from start to finish. Invictus offers advanced techniques and products to deliver outstanding quality roofing with manufacturers warranties of up to 35 years.

Single Ply: Single Ply is a synthetic polymer-based roofing material that provides a waterproofing layer in a single sheet. Welded at the joints with heat, it can be adhered, mechanically fixed and/or ballasted into flat, pitched or green roof systems.

Bituminous Felt: Quick to install, cost-effective and suitable for most projects, Bituminous Felt is an excellent and versatile material with a huge range of applications. The finish of a built up felt project is usually provided using mineral surfaced felt which is available in a range of different colours.

Liquid Waterproofing: Liquid waterproofing is a popular and flexible product, especially for walkways and balconies. The liquid is cold applied onto the desired surface and the system can be built up to achieve different levels of waterproofing to allow for heavy foot traffic.

Green Roofing: Environmental concerns and the reduction of carbon emissions are a high priority for many building designers. Green Roof systems are designed to offer a sustainable, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and harmonious addition to your project.

Hot Melt: Hot Melt systems are suitable for use as a monolithic waterproofing layer in most new build flat roofing applications.

“Our mission is to deliver outstanding quality and workmanship to every project. Our commitment to customer service, communication and meeting client expectations is at the centre of everything we do which allows us to deliver the best roofing solution to every client”

Joshua Lamprell

Director of Invictus Roofing

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