Worrin Road, Essex

Worrin Road, Essex

An ambitious extension to this already magnificent home required careful planning and consideration in order to achieve the high aesthetic and ambitious design requirements.

Due to the increased pressure on urban land and density levels in built-up areas continuing to reflect the adverse impacts on drainage, biodiversity, climate conditions, water abstraction and green space. A green roof was planned to be included in the project.

Part of the build also housed a hot tub and swimming pool, therefore the buildings use had to be taken into consideration when specifying the system because of the increased humidity and moisture in the rooms.

A Sika Sarnafil system was planned and fitted, complete with green roof and roof light units.


Client: Private

Location: Essex, UK

220m2 flat roof area


20-year Sarnafil Warranty

Sarnafil G410 15EL Membrane in Lead Grey