Westwood Tile Effect Brighton

Westwood Tile Effect Brighton

This balcony consisted of a failing asphalt roof which had a lot of potentials, therefore our client requested a durable system with a presentable atheistically pleasing finish, therefore a Westwood balcony system was recommended.

The existing asphalt surface was repaired and primed and a full Westwood system was installed with a specification to include a 20-year warranty. This Westwood system incorporated a tile effect finish, where tiles are skilfully marked out and a second sealer coat of a different color is applied giving the appearance of tiles.

The outcome was a low maintenance aesthetically pleasing waterproofing finish and a very happy customer!


Client: Residential
Location: Brighton City Centre, UK
 30m2 flat roof area
 Works completed within 5 Days


20-year Westwood cold applied PMMA
Self-levelling mortar
Initial sealer coat RAL7043
 Top sealer coat RAL7035 (for tile effect)