Lime Tree House

Lime Tree House

Often when considering flat roofs for commercial applications, not much consideration is given to the aesthetic finishes that can be achieved with the correct specification of PVC membrane. Usually hidden behind parapet walls, other materials such as cladding panels often take the center stage.

This Danosa project specified the single ply waterproofing membrane down the mansard which then formed a central feature of the building design.

Matching in with the roof windows to provide a seamless finish, great care was required to ensure that the insulation remained both compliant with standard detail requirements and aesthetically pleasing.

Mechanically fastened applications such as this require the installers to pull the membrane very taught during application, easier on a flat surface than a vertical surface. Using clever manipulation of the mechanical fasteners used to attach the membrane sheets, the installation progressed steadily and to a high standard.


Eastbourne, UK
 400m2 flat roof area


Danopol 1.5 HS+ Membrane mechanically fixed
20 year warranty