Hove Park Hangelton & Gym

Hove Park Hangelton & Gym

This roof was part of a staged contract to replace all flat roof areas on this site. The roof to the gym was in bad shape and required a full strip up of the existing system and replacing with a new Garland warm roof system. All works were conducted during the school’s summer holiday.

As a trusted Garland installer for Brighton & Hove City Council, Invictus Roofing was contracted with stripping the failing roof covering and supplying and fitting a new Garland felt system in accordance with the strict specifications laid out by the manufacturer, as well as increase the insulation efficiency throughout.  New cladding and rainwater goods were also installed so that the water drainage needs of this roof are met to prevent future issues.


Client: Brighton & Hove City Council
Location: Hove, UK
 500m2 Flat Roof Area
 Works completed within 4 weeks


StressPly Self-Adhesive Metal Lined VCL
Tapered Insulation Scheme
 Garland TorchFlex Ultravent Underlay to area
 Garland TorchFlex Base Sheet to details
 Garland StressPly cap sheet in Red