The Invictus Team Meet Danosa

The Invictus Team Meet Danosa

Being up early mid-week isn’t unfamiliar for people in the roofing industry, but getting in a car at 4am was a challenge to say the least. Luckily, we were not travelling to a site, but to Gatwick, where we would be meeting the staff from Danosa and flying to Madrid to visit the factory.

We were very excited to be given the opportunity to see the Danosa factory in operation, and see the faces that go behind making a product that we have become so familiar with. We arrived at the factory in Madrid at about 12pm and were welcomed by the lovely Esther del Rio, who is the companies International Commercial Director and Daughter of founder Manuel del Río Domínguez. We were interested to learn that Danosa is in fact a family run business.

With Danosa in its 52nd year of production, the factory has recently expanded to accommodate new lines, and it was fascinating to see the PVC membranes and felts in production. It really gave us an opportunity to appreciate the hard work that goes into making roofing products and the visit really humanised the process reminding us there is a pair of hands and a smile behind every roll of membrane.

Thank you to all at Danosa for showing us the factory and for your hospitality!

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