April 2018 is World Autism Awareness Month

April 2018 is World Autism Awareness Month

Autism is a lifelong developmental condition that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others.

Autistic people see, hear and feel the world differently. Often people feel being autistic is a fundamental aspect of their identity. This is why Invictus Roofing feel that it is important for others to understand the condition better and spread awareness so that we as a society we can be more understanding and helpful to individuals and family’s that live with the condition day to day.

Autism is a spectrum condition. All autistic people share certain challenges, but being autistic will affect them in different ways. With the right sort of support, all can be helped to live a more fulfilling life of their own choosing.

You can support Autism Awareness Month too by taking time out of your day to research more about the condition so that we can all work towards being a better society, where everyone is included and no one is left behind.


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